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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Mythbusting: SIR 2020-21

Written by: Rishitha Boddu Close your eyes and go back to that day in March 2020 when an unfortunate email was sent out to the entire IMSA student body. It informed us that we would most likely not return to campus to conclude the academic

A Statistical Comparison

By: Eunice Kim The pandemic putting the entire global population into quarantine started only a last year. But with over 20 million cases in a matter of 8 months, it quickly became the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen in over a century. In

The Debate Over Immunity in Context of COVID-19

Written By: Rishitha Boddu In recent weeks, several governments have been suggesting that individuals who have been identified to carry antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2 should be able to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle (“Immunity passports” in the context of COVID-19 2020). This would enable countries

COVID-19 Heat Theory

Written By: Kaylee Zhou Back in March, it was rumored that the summer heat might help defeat Covid-19; many Americans clung onto this hope of optimism throughout March, April, and May. Since diseases such as the flu have their patterns of high infection rates in