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Monthly Archives: March 2024

The Zebra Finch Weather Forecast: A New Form of Bird Communication

Written by: Claudia Kowal Introduction Similar to people, most bird species use vocalizations to communicate with each other. Typically, birds vocalize through songs and calls, warning others of predators, nearby food sources, or to mate (Thompson, 2014). However, recent research has shown that a particular

5 Simple Steps to Leading a Happier Life

Written by: Abhinav Anne Interviewed: Dr. Laurie Santos – Professor of Psychology at Yale University and Founder of the Happiness Lab “Are we truly wired for happiness?” This question posed by Dr. Laurie Santos, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University and the Founder of

The Science of Awe

Awe, often described as an intense emotional response to experiences that transcend one’s perceived understanding of the world around them has intrigued scholars throughout history. Defined by a deep sense of wonder and amazement, awe has captivated the curiosity of scholars, scientists, and thinkers across

Evolution of the Horse– The Most Complete Fossil Record

Written by: Claudia Kowal Introduction How did the small, dog-like creatures from millions of years ago evolve into the modern horses we know today? This question can be answered through the extensive excavation of horse ancestors’ fossils over the past several decades. While many other

What The R? An Introduction to Statistical Programming

Written By: Jeev Hora R You Ready? Programming Languages, much like tools in a toolbox, can have different uses for different scenarios. Just like how a carpenter would use a hammer for a nail but not a screw, a web designer would usually use Javascript