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The Science of Awe

Awe, often described as an intense emotional response to experiences that transcend one’s perceived understanding of the world around them has intrigued scholars throughout history. Defined by a deep sense of wonder and amazement, awe has captivated the curiosity of scholars, scientists, and thinkers across

The Last Spark: Unveiling the Mysteries of Terminal Lucidity

Written by: Abhinav Anne Intrigued by the profound contemplations of religion, philosophy, and literature on the conscious experience of dying, science has recently directed substantial attention toward unraveling the mysteries of death. The relentless pursuit of medical advancements, particularly the advent of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Ozempic: The Wonder Weight-loss Drug

Ozempic is a pharmaceutical developed by Novo Nordisk in 2017 in order to treat type 2 diabetes. One of the most commonly prescribed medications for diabetes patients, Ozempic has established itself as a cornerstone of diabetes treatment. However, in recent years, Ozempic has become a

Example of Meissner Effect with Superconductivity

Remember that Room Temperature Superconductor?

Do you remember that crazy news back in late July about a room temperature superconductor? You might remember that some researchers in Korea found a material that was able to show signs of superconductivity at just room temperature levels instead of extremely cold conditions. This

Implementation of Phytoremediation in Heavy Metal Pollution

Written by: Anisha Kolambe   Since the arrival of the industrial era in the 18th century, pollution and climate have become matters of increasing concern. Although metals are naturally found on earth’s crust, anthropogenic (human-caused) activity has increased the concentrations of various heavy metals exposed

The Chemistry of Carbon Capture

Written by: Dorrie Peters In a world where climate change is one of the most pressing issues, scientists are constantly coming up with fresh solutions on how to save and preserve the planet. Some ideas, such as carbon capture, have been pulled from history. Carbon

The Evolving Medical Power of Psychedelics

Written by: Marko Ilic Psychedelic drugs have recently risen to increased prominence in the medicinal world, and many stigmas that enveloped the various drugs –  MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine – have weakened due to surges in mental health crises and a growing void in solutions

The Role of Technology and Science in Modern Forensics

Written by: Rishitha Boddu   In recent years, criminal investigation shows have risen to popularity — some well known ones being CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the classic Sherlock. Even novels such as Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie’s, and of course, Sherlock have been fan favorites,

Predicting chemistry

Written by Ju-Won Park  Quantum chemistry is the study of the properties of molecules and reactions. Recently,  computer technologies have started to be used to understand, model, and predict molecular properties and reactions. This consists of the properties of nanometer materials (substances with dimensions smaller