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Anisha Kolambe (Head Editor-In-Chief, Biology Section Writer): Hi! I’m Anisha, your Head EIC ヾ(•ω•`)o I love to explore and write about topics across Biology, Environmental Science, and Technology and hope to pursue a career in Regenerative Medicine! I hope to expand Hadron’s ventures and impact on campus and across the world! When I’m not engaged with STEM, you can find me planning flute world domination, studying Mandarin, traversing through alternate universes while I read, or hanging out with the most wholesome friend group on campus


Kohl Vonder Haar (Senior Editor-In-Chief, Chemistry Section Writer): Hey everyone! I’m Kohl, Hadron’s Senior Editor-in-Chief for the 2023-24 academic year. I live in 1507, and I’m primarily interested in materials science, catalysis, organic synthesis, and all other things chemistry. Outside of Hadron, you can find me intensely studying for the USNCO, avidly supporting my St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, or hanging out with my friends. I look forward to all that we will accomplish at Hadron this year!


Andrew Katson (Junior Editor-In-Chief, Math Section Writer): Hia! I’m Andrew, a junior at IMSA and an EIC for Hadron! My passions include mathematics, biology, sports science, and physics, but I also enjoy sleeping and walking with friends. You can find me in 1504!:D


Ellen Guan (Head of Marketing Team, Physics Section Writer): Hey everyone! I’m Ellen, currently a senior who’s the Marketing Team Head for Hadron! I love everything art-related, including drawing, photography, writing short stories or poetry, and graphic design. Perhaps surprisingly (or not), physics is my favorite subject, with math being a close second. I lead the production/design of these newsletters, but you may also see some of my articles where I nerd out about my favorite topics (including quantum mechanics, haha).


Abhinav Anne (Junior Editor-In-Chief, Biology and Environment Section Writer): Hi! My name is Abhinav Anne and I’m a sophomore at IMSA. As an aspiring public health advocate, I am deeply interested in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, and Climate Science. I love writing about these fields and can’t wait to share their newest developments, policies, research, and technologies in my articles! Outside of Hadron, I am also involved in Speech and Debate, HOSA, IYNA, and Science Bowl. I also love playing the violin, volleyball, and listening to music on my Spotify Playlist.



Aditya Hansoty (Biology Section Writer): Hey, my name is Aditya Hansoty and I am a junior at IMSA. I enjoy chemistry, research, writing, and lab work. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, guitar, listening to music and hanging out with friends.


Brian Leong (Marketing Team): I’m currently a junior, and my hometown is at the heart of Chinatown in Chicago. I’m looking to improve my graphic design skills while also taking part in my science-y interests.


Chad Park (Physics Section Writer): Hi, my name is Chad and I am a junior at IMSA. I especially enjoy math and physics. Outside of academics, I am on the tennis team and play the oboe in multiple orchestras.


Claudia Kowal (Biology Section Writer): Hi! I’m Claudia, and I’m a junior at IMSA. I love learning about biology, and more specifically, animal sciences. I am excited to contribute to Hadron this year by writing about these topics!

Jeev Hora (Physics Section Writer): Hello! my name is Jeev Hora. I’m from Aurora, and currently in 1504 B-wing. I love math, physics, and chemistry (even tho I’m garbage at them), and I believe that I can change the world through STEM. I’m also in quiz bowl, MAO, and other clubs! If I’m not writing for hadron or studying quiz bowl, then I’m probably going for a walk or watching videos about the NBA.


Karthik Prasad (Physics Section Writer): My name is Karthik Prasad, and I’m a part of the Class of 2026. I live in 05, and my primary interests lie in mathematics and physics – specifically, the intersection of those two called mathematical physics. I’m excited to write more about this field (and others) and share that knowledge with you!


Fiyin AKinyemi (Biology Section Writer): Hi! My name is Fiyin Akinyemi, and I am a junior at IMSA. I enjoy learning about new technologies, especially ones that are considered to be more futuristic. I am excited to join the Hadron writing team to learn and teach others about these topics! Outside of school, I enjoy rollerblading and practicing piano/clarinet.
Avi Samy (Technology Section Writer): My name is Avi Samy, and I’m a sophomore at IMSA. I enjoy doing Tae Kwon Do, playing sports like football and basketball, and going to National Parks during the summer. In my free time you can catch me watching sporting events and spending time with my family In science I’m particularly drawn to biology and technology, and I find joy in exploring new ideas and research within these fields.
Atmaj Shelar (Technology Section Writer): Hey! My name is Atmaj, and I’m from Naperville. Some of my interests include physics, math, chemistry, and writing. I also love reading and hanging out with friends for fun. I’m also involved in congressional debate, TAS, and SoE.
Michelle Fanjoy (Marketing Team Member): Hello! I’m Michelle Fanjoy and I’m on the Marketing Team for Hadron. I live in 1503 and I love to write, read, and play tennis. Outside of Hadron, I’m a part of Acronym, THINK, and a variety of other clubs. My favorite subject is math followed by computer science. I am excited to be a part of the Hadron team this year!
Maneth Perera (Physics Section Writer): Hey there! My name is Maneth and I’m a sophomore at IMSA. I am passionate about many fields of science such as organic chemistry, observational astronomy, and engineering. You’ll most likely catch me hanging out with my friends and going on long walks in my free time.
Bhagya Sunod (Marketing Team Member): Hey! My name is Bhagya Sunod and I’m a sophomore at IMSA right now. I’m mainly into biological/medical sciences(to be more specific cardiology, hematology and oncology) but I also really like chemistry. Outside of STEM, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, and listening to music.
Nathan Handjojo (Physics Section Writer): Hello! I’m Nathan and a Sophomore in 1505. I enjoy math, physics, and chemistry and am interested in becoming an engineer/computer scientist. I’m in Science Olympiad, Quiz bowl, Math team, and some other clubs. Otherwise you can probably find me going on walks or working in old caf.
Aarav Shah (Technology Section Writer): Hi! My name is Aarav Shah and I’m a sophomore at IMSA who’s passionate about computer science and math! Outside of Hadron, you can find me in Chess Team, Math Team, SOCC, ACSL, and working on other projects. I also enjoy playing chess, board games, and hanging out with friends in my free time!
Aryan Mansingh (Technology Section Writer): Hey! I’m Aryan Mansingh, a sophomore from IMSA. My passion lies in technology and math, you can almost always find me working on math problems or some random project that I find intriguing. I’m also in code society and debate club, and enjoy doing New York Times puzzles. I love keeping up with the latest technology news, and love writing about them just as much. I hope I can share what I find interesting with everyone!