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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Usage of Hydrogels in Wound Healing

Written by: Shiqi Cheng   Recently, hydrogels, a type of water-filled polymer, have been found to be a useful material for effective wound healing, which this article will explore.   Injuries to Human Skin The skin is the largest organ in the human body and

The Physics of Water Wakes

Written by: Gautham Anne While watching boats travel by or a duck on a pond, one might wonder how the astonishing wake patterns emerge, such as the ones depicted in figure 1. One might also note that the wake patterns, regardless of whether it is

Anxiety and Evolution

Written by: Dorrie Peters   As this semester reaches a peak, many students will begin to experience heightened anxiety revolving around coursework, college applications, and social events. According to the National Institutes of Health, roughly one-third of teenagers suffer from a serious anxiety disorder and

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How Lasers Could Solve the World Energy Crisis

Written by: Colin Ward On August 8th, an experiment by the National Ignition Facility made an astounding discovery in nuclear fusion when they came closer than ever before to “igniting” a nuclear fusion reaction, the very same reaction that powers our sun. Ignition is a

The Evolving Medical Power of Psychedelics

Written by: Marko Ilic Psychedelic drugs have recently risen to increased prominence in the medicinal world, and many stigmas that enveloped the various drugs –  MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine – have weakened due to surges in mental health crises and a growing void in solutions

Ghost of the North: The Spirit Bear

Written By: Aleksandar Simeunovic   Deep in the forests of Canada, along the rainy coasts of British Columbia, two bear cubs play in the shallow waters of a river. One is as white as a snowy morning, the other as black as a midnight sky.

Changing Society: How Robots Can Encourage Inclusivity

Written By: Anisha Kolambe As the world continues to advance itself, technology becomes even more ingrained into the lifestyles of everyday people. Robots are no exception, especially considering their vast influence in working environments within a short time frame. Usually when robots are thought about