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The Zebra Finch Weather Forecast: A New Form of Bird Communication

Written by: Claudia Kowal Introduction Similar to people, most bird species use vocalizations to communicate with each other. Typically, birds vocalize through songs and calls, warning others of predators, nearby food sources, or to mate (Thompson, 2014). However, recent research has shown that a particular

Can Capturing Carbon Stop Global Warming?

Written by: Chad Park Global warming is a real threat, and one of the primary causes is carbon dioxide. The Earth’s most abundant greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide levels, have risen over 90% since the 1970s, reaching a record high of 417.06 parts per million (ppm)

Earth’s Population has Reached 8 Billion

Written by: Aditya Hansoty   On November 15, 2022, the global population officially reached 8 billion according to a projection from the United Nations.  While it is unsure if November 15 is really the exact date the earth’s population reached 8 billion, as Patrick Gerland,

The Impact of A Sip of Coffee

Written by: Erin Yoo Each morning, my dad would prepare a cup of coffee in his Thermos to take to work. It is a decades-old habit, as steady as the sun rising and setting, that he shares with billions of other people around the world

Climate Change Soon to Be a Thing of the Past?

Written by: Colin Ward   Climate change is undoubtedly among the most prominent issues facing humanity in the 21st century, as its effects appear to be potentially devastating and inevitable. Many different solutions have been attempted, such as reducing emissions and planting millions of trees,

The Cobalt Industry and Sustainable Equality

Written by: Erin Yoo Its name comes from the “kobolds,” or underground sprites, that were believed to be the cause of poisonous fumes that German miners encountered while mining ore (The Chemistry, n.d.). Later, after miners and scientists realized that the magical creatures from local

Implementation of Phytoremediation in Heavy Metal Pollution

Written by: Anisha Kolambe   Since the arrival of the industrial era in the 18th century, pollution and climate have become matters of increasing concern. Although metals are naturally found on earth’s crust, anthropogenic (human-caused) activity has increased the concentrations of various heavy metals exposed

Aquaponics: An Emerging Method for Food Sustainability

Written by: Erin Yoo In the United States alone, seventeen million families cannot afford to put food on the table each day (Pont, 2021). In fact, food security is a global problem that is becoming a bigger threat to human health and sustainable living every

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Floating Robots: How AI Can Clean the Ocean

By Dorrie Peters   It is common knowledge that trash in the ocean is a significant problem, but often the vast complexity of this emergency is overlooked. As many know, there is an ominous “trash island,” often referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,