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Cultivating the Future with Vertical Farming

Written by: Chad Park Traditional agriculture is being limited by finite resources such as water and land as it struggles to keep up with global food demand in a world marked by population growth. Furthermore, traditional agriculture is extremely harmful to the environment and is

Harnessing Magnetic Fields for Precise Ferrofluid Droplet Motion

Written by: Chad Park Ferrofluids, composed of magnetic nanoparticles suspended in a carrier liquid, offer unique fluidic properties and can be manipulated by external magnetic fields. By employing varying magnetic fields on ferrofluids, controlling and manipulating them to explore their potential for innovative navigation systems

The Science of Dreams

Written by: Chad Park Dreams are a phenomenon that has intrigued humanity for centuries. Dreams captivate our nights, naturally leading to questions about their origins, function, and meaning. Dreams are a puzzling concept, with fascinating foundations for their existence, potential roles in cognitive processes, and

The Future of Quantum Computing

Written by: Chad Park Quantum computing stands at the forefront of a revolution that will reshape the limits of computation. The era of classical computing—defined by a series of 0s and 1s—is slowly giving way to the powerful realm of quantum computing with its more

Can Capturing Carbon Stop Global Warming?

Written by: Chad Park Global warming is a real threat, and one of the primary causes is carbon dioxide. The Earth’s most abundant greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide levels, have risen over 90% since the 1970s, reaching a record high of 417.06 parts per million (ppm)