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COVID-19 Vaccine Image

A Guide to Making A Vaccine

By Rishitha Boddu   Ever since last year, the coronavirus has threatened the wellbeing of all of our lives, but despite the seemingly hopeless situation, medical experts and scientists fought back. Just recently, several COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for general public use, and many

The Role of Technology and Science in Modern Forensics

Written by: Rishitha Boddu   In recent years, criminal investigation shows have risen to popularity — some well known ones being CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the classic Sherlock. Even novels such as Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie’s, and of course, Sherlock have been fan favorites,

India’s Battle with Two Harmful Microbes

Written by: Rishitha Boddu   The past few months, nations worldwide have been occupied with the Covid-19 pandemic. After the United States, India is the second leading country in Covid-19 cases and deaths. Unfortunately, India has recently found themselves with yet another illness to worry