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Daily Archives: August 11, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

Written by Zoe Berthold Artificial intelligence (AI) is the manipulation of data to get information, particularly from large data sets. At the moment, AI is used for ‘narrow’ tasks; while it can perform with greater efficiency, an AI cannot mimic the complex processes by which

Partitions in Math

Written by Madhav Parthasarathy A partition of a natural number is the way of writing these numbers as the sum of other natural numbers. The first mathematician to introduce the topic of partitions was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who is more famously known as one of

Stem Cells and Cancer Treatment

Written by Hiteshi Patel Throughout the last few years, stem cells have been identified as being a potential cure to many types of cancers and diseases. However, it has now come to light that they may promote liver cancer instead of fighting it. During the

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Modeling Cellular Evolution Through Engineered Endosymbiosis

Written by Phyllis Shen Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute genetically modified and examined two different microorganisms. Scientists have theorized that before DNA, RNA was used as the primary genetic information and that RNA could catalyze biochemical reactions due to its less stable nature compared

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Discovering the Evolution of the Bicoid Gene

In Drosophila melanogaster, the bicoid, or Bcd, gene triggers the construction of the anterior portion of the organism during development. Cyclorrhapha, a taxa of organisms containing D. melanogaster, is individual in their possession of the gene. The lack of bicoid causes the posterior portion of

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Nanoparticles in Fuel Reproduction

Written by Shouri Bouchetty Nanoparticles work as effective catalysts due to their high surface-volume ratio. The smaller the particle, the greater the surface-volume ratio, allowing for the nanoparticles to react quickly. Additionally, nanoparticles are so tiny that they have different properties than the same pieces.

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Synthetic Geometry and Euclid’s Elements

Written by Matthew Niemiro Records on the study of geometry date back thousands of years. Between 2000and 1600 BC, ancient Babylonians studied the properties of triangles regardingratio and proportion, and developed what would become the PythagoreanTheorem long before Pythagoras (“The Origins of Geometry,” n.d.). Similargeometric

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2018 Japan Student Science Fair

Written by Meghana Karan Three IMSA students: Shubhi Verma (’19), Jake Sutter (’19), and Louise Lima(’19), attended the Japan Super Science Fair (JSSF) held by RitsumeikanUniversity in Kyoto, Japan. This yearly science fair hosts high schools fromaround the world from countries such as India, China,

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The Grecian Goddess and a Gene: Klotho

Written by Ashley Koca Akin to the gene’s namesake greek goddess, Clotho, the Klotho (KL) gene is one which controls the process of senescence. The KL gene codes for longevity and based upon genotype, can increase cellular aging and the effects of neurodegenerative disorders. PTSD