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Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Play Piano

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often used to recognize objects in photos or videos. Neural networks, a data-processing algorithm, are able to mimic the human brain’s process of thinking in order to distinguish objects in a frame. Neural networks are trained using a set of images

Modelling Artificial Intelligence After the Human Brain

Modelling Artificial Intelligence After the Human Brain Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulates the process of learning that humans undergo when observing their surroundings. The software allows machines not only to process and store knowledge, but also to solve problems and make predictions of the future based

Sending Information Through Touch

by Phyllis Shen Sending Information Through Touch Recent developments in technology have allowed people to scan objects without contact. For example, contactless payments have allowed grocery shoppers to pay using a credit or debit card without their card touching any surfaces, which has been a

Frozen Lakes on Mars

Written by Phyllis Shen In 2018, researchers discovered a frozen saltwater lake beneath the south pole of Mars, suggesting the possibility of life on the planet, as microbes thrive in similar environments within glaciers on Earth (Witze 2018). This discovery was made by a team