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Daily Archives: January 16, 2020

The Search for Habitable Exoplanets

WRITTEN BY PHYLLIS SHEN Exoplanets are planets that exist outside of our Solar System that orbit other stars. Over 4,000 exoplanets have been observed by space telescopes thus far. Recently, many more exoplanets have been discovered and classified by Dr. Markus Mugrauer, an astrophysicist at

Predicting chemistry

Written by Ju-Won Park  Quantum chemistry is the study of the properties of molecules and reactions. Recently,  computer technologies have started to be used to understand, model, and predict molecular properties and reactions. This consists of the properties of nanometer materials (substances with dimensions smaller

A Cell Without a Cell?

Written By Ashley Koca The biological sciences are advancing beyond what has been defined by nature: from cellular functions now reproduced outside the cell to the use of “BioBricks” to construct DIY lifeforms, synthetic biology is the future of the life sciences.  Synthetic biology is