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Daily Archives: April 1, 2021

Saving Memories Without a Brain

Written by: Lily Song  As human beings, having a memory of the past is an advantage we’re used to having. It’s no question that having a memory allows us to carry out day to day functions, like taking a test, memorizing a speech, or preparing

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Ancient Viruses Frozen in Permafrost

Written by Margaret Wei Background As carbon emissions increase annually, so too does the average world temperature. This is a result of the greenhouse effect as the emissions create heat, in which the sun rays are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, preventing the accumulated heat

The Danger of Forever Chemicals

Written by: Erin Yoo What started out as a modern scientific milestone and miracle is now a cause for concern, with some labeling it a crisis. They are currently present in 99% of Americans, causing serious health problems for many (“The ‘Forever Chemicals’”; Perkins, 2020).