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Daily Archives: December 2, 2021

The Venusian Sky Cities of Our Future

Written by: Laya Gopalakrishnan Surfacism: an ideology detailing human nature’s affinity towards physically colonizing or marking land to claim and inhabit it. Though “surfacism” is not a legitimate word included in any existing dictionaries, according to Dr. Gabe Perez-Giz, former host of “PBS Space Time,”

Crypto: Functionality and Future

  Written by: Marko Ilic Throughout the 2010s, cryptocurrency has risen from a fad to an increasingly adopted investment field totaling a $2 trillion market capitalization. The most prominent digital currency, otherwise known as coins, includes the pioneer Bitcoin, with others like Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin,

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Swimming Near the Edge: The Decline of the Vaquita

Written by: Aleksandar Simeunovic   Deep beneath the waves of the pacific ocean, two tiny porpoises speed past each other, communicating through a series of high-pitched whistles and clicks. They play with each other, spinning and doing tricks as if they are dancing. These adorable

Debunking Flatland: Space Filling Curves

Written by: Gautham Anne   In 1877, George Cantor discovered that the number of points in a 2-dimensional plane is the same as the number of points in a 1-dimensional line. This is tremendously counterintuitive since a plane can have an infinite number of lines

A.I. Generated Humor

The use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is rapidly  increasing in a variety of different industries. A.I. is most commonly associated with jobs such as analyzing algorithms, sorting through big data, or doing a host of other important tasks. In actuality, however, A.I. can be applied

The Chemistry of Carbon Capture

Written by: Dorrie Peters In a world where climate change is one of the most pressing issues, scientists are constantly coming up with fresh solutions on how to save and preserve the planet. Some ideas, such as carbon capture, have been pulled from history. Carbon

The Overlooked Labor of Tree Planters

Written by: Erin Yoo By now, most people have heard of ambitious goals in reforesting the planet. Perhaps the most famous of these efforts is the Trillion Trees Initiative, which was a global attempt to restore and plant not one million, not one billion, but