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Daily Archives: December 1, 2020

Reforestation Matters

Written by Erin Yoo Edited by Eunice Kim and Ashley Koca Reforestation is one natural solution for fighting the climate crisis, but what is reforestation really? It is the active restoration of forests that have been cut down or otherwise harmed in some way. This

Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Identification

Written by: Lily Song Cancer stem cells (CSC) are self-renewing cells identified in liquid and solid cancers. Today, Cancer stem cell (CSC) targeting for cancer therapy is considered an interesting area of current medical research. Understanding characteristics of CSCs and their signals would enable the

Looking at Polarization Through Machine Translation

Written by Gloria Wang It is not news that US politics has become increasingly polarized. Yet, the chaotic presidential debate that occurred earlier this year came as a surprise to many Americans. In a recent study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have discovered that the

MIT Team Develops Underwater GPS Powered By Sound

Written By: Kaylee Zhou Oceans make up at least 70% of Earth, but only 5% of the seafloor has been mapped, which leaves no less than 65% of the oceans on Earth unexplored and unobserved (Emerson, 2016). Researchers have established that deepwater pressures, extremely cold

Frozen Lakes on Mars

Written by Phyllis Shen In 2018, researchers discovered a frozen saltwater lake beneath the south pole of Mars, suggesting the possibility of life on the planet, as microbes thrive in similar environments within glaciers on Earth (Witze 2018). This discovery was made by a team

Ancient Responses to Climate Change

Written By: Ashley Koca Changes in the Earth’s climate can either make or break a civilization. It is best humanity learns now from past societies brought to their knees, as well as those who showed resilience in the face of nature’s whim, on how to