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Daily Archives: February 1, 2022

Aquaponics: An Emerging Method for Food Sustainability

Written by: Erin Yoo In the United States alone, seventeen million families cannot afford to put food on the table each day (Pont, 2021). In fact, food security is a global problem that is becoming a bigger threat to human health and sustainable living every

Microchips: The Importance and Shortage

Written by: Avyay Duggirala As technological advances increase, there is one integral piece of hardware that has stayed the same: the microchip. The microchip is the core part of any electronic device, as it is how different parts of a device are able to communicate

Algorithms of Art

Written by: Jack Morby The first few things that come to mind when thinking about art are physical products like paintings and drawings. These have been the traditional mediums that have been used to share art, but art is not limited to them. New paths

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Floating Robots: How AI Can Clean the Ocean

By Dorrie Peters   It is common knowledge that trash in the ocean is a significant problem, but often the vast complexity of this emergency is overlooked. As many know, there is an ominous “trash island,” often referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,

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Phage Therapy: A Solution to Antibiotic Resistance

Written By: Samuel Go Phage therapy is a method of treating bacterial infections by using bacteriophages, which are viruses that specifically target and kill bacteria from certain strains or species. It is a promising new field of antibacterial treatments because it doesn’t face the problem

Swarm Robotics: A New Frontier

Written by: Gautham Anne Interacting with, understanding, and responding to both each other and the environment are some of the most important features of the human race. The social culture that we possess allows us to help us “advance the human condition.” Interestingly, humans are

Untangling Mathematics: A Look Into DeepMind’s New AI

Written by: Gloria Wang As an expanding field with a wide variety of applications, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for decades. Machine learning has been applied to board games, language, and healthcare. But for the first time, researchers have applied AI to

Sustainability and the Winter Holidays

Written by: Anisha Kolambe The holidays are always an awaited source of cheer. As students get long-deserved breaks from school, families reunite and cultural traditions are celebrated. However, nothing is wholly smiles and laughter—there are always hidden drawbacks to every scenario. From Thanksgiving to New